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Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator (P/EVO) Certification 

Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator (P/EVO) Certification

Is training and certification required?

According to Washington State Department of Transportation requirements (WAC 468-38-110), you must have a state certification card on your person while performing as a P/EVO.

Who is required to have the training?

Anyone serving as a pilot/escort vehicle driver transporting or moving oversized equipment or loads within Washington State’s borders must have the training.

Who enforces certification requirements?

Certification is enforced by the Washington State Patrol on the highways and at the weigh stations.

Are cards from other states accepted in Washington?

Currently, Washington only accepts cards from Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah & Virginia.

What is the cost of the class?

The cost of the P/EVO class depends on the organization providing the class.

I lost my card—how do I get a new one?

Evergreen Safety Council will provide a replacement card after the student is verified in our computer system and upon receipt of a $20 fee. To streamline the verification process, we collect the first and last names, mailing address, phone number, ID number used on the card, and approximate date of training. The training instructor and location are also helpful.

Who helped in the development of the P/EVO program?

The P/EVO training guidelines were established by a task force that included representatives from the Washington Department of Transportation, the Division of Motor Carriers, private companies with experience in pilot/escorting, and the Washington State Patrol. The task force recommended the Traffic Control Oversight Committee assume responsibility for policies and procedures to standardize and assure the continuing quality of P/EVO training.

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