Workplace Safety Training
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Washington State Traffic Control Supervisor Certification:

This 3-day certification course includes presentations, exercises, and references to Federal and State highway construction and Traffic Control standards.  Participants receive a comprehensive reference manual and other reference materials to assist with on-the-job practical issues and performance standards. Once successfully completed, certification is valid for 4 years.


Renewing the certification is accomplished by attending and successfully completing a 1-day Washington Traffic Control Supervisor Recertification class. Only individuals with a Washington State TCS card issued by ATSSA, Evergreen Safety Council (ESC) or  the Northwest Laborers Employees Training Trust (NWLETT) are eligible to attend this 1-day class.

To Qualify and attend the Traffic Control Supervisor Recertification Course you must submit the following information to Evergreen:

  • A current state approved flagging card.  Approved states are: Idaho Montana, Oregon and Washington.
  • A copy of your current Traffic Control Supervisors Certificate

Note: If your TCS card expires, you have six months to take the one-day recertification. However, you cannot work as a certified TCS if your card is expired.