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Where can I use my Pilot Car Certification?

Dec 20, 2019

Use the map below to determine which states accept certification.

Click a button below to show the states where certification is recognized.

Choosing a Certification That’s Right For You

Evergreen Safety Council offers P/EVO certification training for the states of Washington and Colorado. Both Washington and Colorado certifications are accepted in many other states. Knowing the states that you’ll operate in will help you determine which certification will be best for you. 

The number of states requiring P/EVO certification changes every year, as do agreements between states. Make sure you always double-check the rules in the states where you operate.

How States Recognize Certifications

Many states have agreements that allow operators certified in other states to legally operate in theirs. This cuts back on the number of certifications a P/EVO may need to operate legally across multiple states. They do this in a couple of different ways. One way is through a formal written agreement where two states agree to accept each other’s certification. This is called “reciprocity”.

The other way that states recognize another state’s certification is through a rule change or administrative directive. This could be a change to administrative code or a formal letter that tells the industry which certifications are accepted in a given state. This method is usually much easier and is becoming more common than reciprocity agreements.

For more information on specific state requirements and the certifications they accept, visit the USDOT’s page on this topic.

Specific Exceptions:
PA only requires a certification for its “Certified Escort Vehicle” program when replacing state police in a Superload movement. TX only requires Pilot Car Operators to be Flagging certified.

To learn more about our Pilot Car Certification Program…

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