We’ve long been a recognized leader in providing safety training, but what you may not know is that we offer a number of other services to augment our suite of safety training classes.

Compliance Audits

Let our experts review your existing occupational safety and health program to determine opportunities for reducing risk and increasing compliance. We can review required documents, written programs and standard work processes to determine their efficacy.

Workplace Assessments

Evaluating processes and procedures for potential improvements can help you reduce the risk of injury and loss in the workplace. Our experts are trained to identify problems in processes, equipment, design and workflow. They also have a myriad of ideas and potential solutions for correcting any problems that they identify. One program we offer, the Total Safety Compliance audit, is a service package focused on workplace rule compliance that our customers have found to be helpful in getting their safety programs on par. For a more focused approach, we gladly tailor our services to meet a specific process, work group or job.

Written Safety Programs

Having a well-written safety plan and safety process documents will pay you dividends in terms of avoiding a citation and in helping your safety committee and employees work safely. Our experts can help you update your written safety programs, or craft new written programs to meet current requirements.

Incident Investigation

Having a third party assist with your incident investigation will give you a valuable insight that you might not get otherwise. Whether it’s a near miss or an unfortunate event requiring a keen eye and analytical mind, our experts stand ready to respond quickly and professionally when needed to identify the root causes of any incident and help determine how to prevent future failures.

Expert Witness

The solid reputation of our council and our experienced staff make us desirable as expert witnesses and consultants in legal matters involving roadway and workplace safety matters. Our experts have the much-desired expertise needed by legal professionals and their clients.

Citation Assistance

If you’ve received a safety-related workplace or roadway work zone citation, you may find it useful to have one of our experts assist you in taking the steps to address the citation. Our council has relationships with a network of experts and legal professionals who can assist with the aftermath of a citation.

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