Total Safety Compliance

Staying current with safety rules and regulations is like trying to hit a moving target. And missing the target can result in fines and penalties—not
to mention safety risks to your employees.

Our Total Safety Compliance audit will help you meet and exceed federal and state OSHA regulations. Our goal is to ensure you not only comply with OSHA,
WISHA, OROSHA, and AKOSHA regulations as needed, but truly provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Compliance Citations

If you were inspected and received a citation, we can assist with corrective action and resolution of the citation. We will communicate with the
governmental agency advising them of your good faith efforts to solve the cited problem, obtain the time needed to complete the training, and help guide
corrective actions. We’re confident your organization will appreciate our thoroughness, dedication, and enthusiasm while addressing your safety issues.

“Evergreen Safety Council has helped Lakehaven Utility District to strengthen our overall safety program. The reports have provided us with a neutral,
third-party view of how we perform our work with regards to safety, allowing us to make corrections to the safety issues that are not in compliance or best practice.”

—Michele Zachary, Lakehaven Utility District

“Having Evergreen Safety into the workplace, performing safety audits, was a great proactive approach to identifying potential non compliant and safety concerns”

—Brion K. Beaver, Safety Manager, Cascade Natural Gas

Keep your organization safe with an Evergreen Safety Council Total Safety Compliance Review. We look after all the details and you get peace of mind.

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