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Flagger Instructor Recertification

Flagger Instructors must attend a one-day re-certification class every three years to maintain their certification. Flagger Instructor Certifications are state specific and not valid for teaching in other states.

Instructors are allowed up to 6 months after their instructor card has expired to attend a re-certification class. However, instructors are unable to teach or order materials, once their card has expired (failure to re-certify requires instructors to repeat the three-day instructor certification program). Upon successful completion, instructors will receive new instructor and flagger certification cards.

Instructors must bring to the class their Instructor Manual and 2009 MUTCD or ESC can provide the 2009 MUTCD at an additional fee.

As part of the one-day class, instructors will receive updates to materials, state codes, teaching techniques, and industry standards – if any. Instructors will be required to successfully complete an open book exam with a score of 80% or better and will provide the class with a 10-15 minute presentation of a section of the flagger material (presentation topic and length will be determined by class size and lead trainer). At the completion of the class, and full payment of class fee, instructors will receive new instructor and flagger cards.

Course Fee (payment in full is required to receive certification)

$198 for members, $220 for non-members.

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Endorsed by American Association of Safety Councils

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