EverSafe Driving Program™

Defensive Driving Training: Protect Your Most Valuable Resources

The most dangerous part of the day for any employee is the time they spend in their vehicle: a traffic crash occurs every five seconds, property damage every seven seconds, an injury every 10 seconds, and a death every 12 minutes. Protect your employees by offering the EverSafe Driving Program™.

This program is for all your employees who operate a motor vehicle on today’s busy roads. Designed by an advisory committee of government and industry driving experts—including the Washington and Oregon Trucking Associations, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and others—it will help improve employee driving performance on and off the job through:

What Makes the EverSafe Driving Program™ Unique?

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EverSafe Driving Program™

All organizations have employees who drive to and from work in a privately owned vehicle, or during their work shift in a privately owned or company vehicle. Virtually all employees will benefit by participating in this safe driving training program. The program covers the following topics:

Defensive Driving Techniques

The Organization and Supervisor

Incident Analysis

The EverSafe Driving Program™ can be presented by an experienced Evergreen Safety Council trainer at your location and customized to match your vehicles and driving situations, or you can send an employee through the Evergreen Safety Council Instructor Development course so they are qualified to conduct classes for your organization.