Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

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New Requirements in WAC 296-901-140

Hazcom/GHS – The Basics*

Hazardous chemicals can be found throughout most facilities; inside process laboratories, maintenance shops, out on the production floor, and in
storage areas. Most offices contain hazardous chemicals in the form of common cleaning supplies.

Employees who handle hazardous chemicals and/or materials in their workplace are required to receive hazard communication training. These materials
can include, but are not limited to: solvents, cleaners, caustics, flammables, and toxic materials. This 4 hour course will provide the student with an
understanding of OSHA Hazard Communication rule and Washington State DOSH new HazCom rule, WAC 296-901, including the new requirements of the newly adopted
Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

*This is the pre-requisite for the Train the Trainer class, if not already competent.

Hazcom/GHS (Global Harmonized System) – Train the Trainer

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is an international approach to hazard communication, providing a new system for classification of chemical hazards,
and a standardized approach to labels and safety data sheets. OSHA is requiring that employees are trained on the new and Safety Data Sheet format by December 1, 2013.

By becoming an instructor, you can train your employees to:

  • Understand the new GHS label elements
  • Identify the new GHS pictograms
  • Read and interpret the new GHS Safety Data Sheets

This 4 hour class includes a Train-the-Trainer kit – 1 DVD with two videos; 5 Employee Handbooks; PowerPoint Presentation; Instructor Guide.

This class is intended for those who already have knowledge of the current Hazard Communications rule and are familiar with such things are IDLH, PEL,
flash point and UEL and LEL. If you are not familiar you can take the Hazcom/GHS – The Basics before this class.

If you attend both GHS The Basics and GHS Train the Trainer in the same day, we will refund you $67!

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