Forklift Instructor Training

The forklift instructor program is designed for companies that have an ongoing need to train operators, multiple locations, or complex operations. If your company has a qualified supervisor or safety officer then a forklift train-the-trainer certification class is a practical choice for you. This course is available at our Kirkland facility and can also be arranged elsewhere as needed to meet demand.

This one day extensive training session prepares instructors to train forklift operators in typical settings. The course covers pre-shift inspections, safety standards and regulations, and builds the confidence to present fundamentals in forklift operating. Students will be given the chance to teach back in the class in order to get constructive feedback on strengths and weaknesses as a new instructor. Students must come with experience on the equipment they will be training on.

Participants will receive:

Instructors are required to purchase student operator books/cards which are around $10 each.

Why choose Evergreen?

Step-by-step guidance and constructive interactions with an elite professional will provide you with the ultimate instructor training. Our instructors have years of training and industry experience so you’ll leave the class feeling confident that what you’ve learned can be immediately applied in your workplace safety program.

Onsite Training

If you have multiple people at your facility that need to be trained as instructors, you may want to consider having us do the training at your location. For more information about all forklift courses and registration, please contact the Evergreen Safety Council at 800.521.0778 or