Vehicle/Equipment Movement Planning & Safety

Traffic Control Inside the Construction Site

The constant movement of vehicles and big equipment create serious hazards for workers on construction sites. Whether it’s a road construction site or a large building construction site, the interaction of heavy equipment and large trucks with on-foot workers commonly creates a high fatality and high hazard zone.

For these high risk construction zones, training is essential for all personnel. Targeted training can help increase construction employee awareness and reduce incidents caused by heavy construction equipment including backing operations, struck-by, caught-between, and vehicle accidents.

The targeted training for supervisors and safety personnel includes learning how to develop and implement an effective internal traffic control plan to address these hazards. An internal traffic control plan (ITCP) is a plan that is used to coordinate the flow of construction vehicles, equipment, and workers working in close proximity within the activity area, so that the safety of the workers and operators is ensured.

Training all your workers in these basic rules will help them not only stay safe but be able to recognize an ITCP and keep it functioning smoothly.

Improve your safety inside the construction site with this essential, targeted 2-hour training class available for workers or supervisors.

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For Supervisors

What is an ITCP? Why have an ITCP? We all know that construction zones with big equipment are high risk areas for on-the-job worker injuries. Participants will learn methods to improve work zone employee safety and why having an Internal Traffic Control Plans (ITCP) is crucial. In this class supervisors will learn:

For Employees

Most employees know that construction zones with big equipment are high risk areas for on-the-job worker injuries. Participants will learn how to greatly reduce their exposure in the work zone and why a better understanding of the Internal Traffic Control Plan (ITCP) is key. In this class employees will learn:

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