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How long do I have to complete the EverSafe Driving Program online course?

You can take as long as you need to complete the course materials and pass the exam. You can take it whenever is most convenient, and you have unlimited tries to pass the final exam.

How long is your online course?

Some training courses can take days or weeks. With our online course, operators can become certified in as little as one hour. On average, it takes around four hours.

What makes your program better?

Our program is designed for companies that need to target their driver training to specific vehicle(s) and driving situations. The program can be delivered in a one-hour, two-hour, four-hour, six-hour, or eight-hour format. The training assumes students are a good drivers and want to improve their skills. The presentation is positive, interesting, and encourages student participation while giving the instructor flexibility to best meet audience needs.

Is the class preapproved for companies, courts or senior citizens?

Not at this time. However, if you provide the name and contact information of the insurance company we can send our material for review and approval.

What if I need a replacement card?

Damaged/voided cards can be replaced at no charge if they are returned to Evergreen Safety Council. If a student needs a replacement card the charge is $15.00.

How do I register for an instructor class?

You can register for the training online with a credit card by or fill out a registration form and submit it to Evergreen Safety Council.

How do I maintain my certification?

To recertify and maintain your certification as an EverSafe Driving Instructor you must:

1. Teach at least one (1) EverSafe Driving class each year (using Evergreen Safety Council’s class material only).

2. Attend a four (4) hour EverSafe Driving Instructor recertification class every three (3) years, no later than 60 days after your certification has expired.

3. Attend any required material update courses.

4. Sign a new Memorandum of Understanding every three (3) years.

How long is the instructor certification valid?

The certification is valid for three years.

What do we submit after completing the class?

A roster for each class taught needs to be sent to Evergreen Safety Council within five days of the course completion.

What materials will I receive in the class?

Participants receive all necessary training materials—instructor manual, DVD, CD with PowerPoint presentations, Teaching Techniques handbook and a participant guide—in an embossed carrying case, plus a three-year instructor certification.

What are the class hours?

Sign-in begins at 7:30am and the class runs from 8am to 5pm.

How long does the class last?

The class lasts for two days.

What are the prerequisites to taking the EverSafe Driving Program Instructor class?

You must have a valid driver’s license and be comfortable standing and teaching in front of a group.

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