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How do I test my computer equipment?

Testing Your System/Equipment:

Zoom: To learn how to test your microphone and camera in Zoom please watch this short video on YouTube

Test invite: Test Invite is a cloud (Google) based online exam software.

1. You must be able to access the internet.

2. Your system should not have any access restrictions regarding the Google Cloud. (Some companies restrict access to cloud or Google services. You may need to check with your IT department.)

3. Your browser will need to be Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

4. You can take the following demo test to check everything will work well for you:

5. The exam requires video recording, so you are required to have a working webcam on your computer. You can use this site to check if your webcam works as expected.

If you don’t have a webcam, no problem! For a small fee we can order one for you that will arrive with the rest of your course materials!

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