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Colorado P/EVO

What kind of insurance do I need in order to operate as a P/EVO in Colorado?

According to Colorado Code of Regulations 500.4, P/EVOs in Colorado must

500.4.3 Possess current certificate(s) of insurance or endorsement(s) which indicates that the operator, or the operator’s employer, has in full force and effect insurance coverage(s) for bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of the operation of the escort vehicle, the escort vehicle operator, or both causing the bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of an act or omission by the Pilot Escort Vehicle operator of the escort duties required by the Rules. Such insurance(s) or endorsement(s) shall be no less than $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit and/or $1,000,000 per occurrence of commercial liability coverage, as applicable, and must be maintained at all times during the term of the certification. The insurance certificate must indicate on the face of the document that the policy is for the operation of Pilot Escort Vehicle(s) and pilot escort duties/responsibilities as required by these Rules.