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Members of the Evergreen Safety Council recognize that their support helps to fulfill our mission as a nonprofit organization in the development and delivery of top notch safety solutions. For their support, we reward members with benefits that help them achieve their safety goals at their respective organizations. Some of our most popular member benefits include unlimited access to our library of 600+ online streaming safety videos and exclusive discounts on our high quality training products.

We offer the following membership options:

  • Small Business* – for organizations with 9 or fewer employees $199.
  • Corporate* – for organizations with 10 or more employees $299.
  • Association – for select trade associations and their members (call for eligibility).

*Small Business and Corporate membership includes private business, public organizations (state, county, city & tribes), non-profit organizations and public utilities.

Here’s how you can become a member today:

  • Click the button below to fill out our Online Application and pay with a Credit/Debit card online.

Here is a comparison of the benefits by membership level:

Aside from the great benefits, our members know and understand that their membership supports the shared mission of making our roadways, workplaces and communities safer for all of us. Membership dues help fund:

  • Scholarships for young people pursuing degrees in the safety and health field.
  • Development of innovative new safety solutions.
  • Outreach to underserved worker populations.
  • Low cost safety solutions for public sector organizations such as our cities and counties.
  • Advocacy for safety standards, policies and regulations that help industries and workers.
  • Access to best-in-class safety solutions for small businesses.

We encourage you to seriously consider the benefits to your organization and also to our collective communities, roadways and workplaces. Together we are engaged in the noble pursuit of saving lives. We believe it’s an investment worth making.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at membership@esc.org.


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