The John D. Spellman Safety Award

Evergreen Safety Council believes in recognizing and rewarding its members for actively pursuing and reinforcing a positive safety culture in their workplaces. To this end, the annual John D. Spellman Safety Award was created in 2006 to recognize organizations that have demonstrated a focus on safety awareness.

Celebrate your organization’s safety achievements. Nominations are accepted beginning December 1 of each year. Include details of your business’s safety efforts, along with examples of how involved employees and committed management helped foster a positive safety culture within your organization. Data supporting your achievements are welcomed and highly encouraged.

Thank you for helping to send your employees home safely and in good condition after each day’s work

Deadline: All applications must be received by ESC no later than April 1, 2020.

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Past Recipients:

Evergreen Safety Council’s Executive Director, Jeff Vaughan was proud to present DKB, Inc the John D. Spellman Safety Award. It was accepted by their safety director, David Sandretto. DKB, Inc has an incredible safety record in the construction industry & during this past year, they have continued to enhance and demonstrate their excellence in workplace safety.
Strider Construction was the 2017 award winner due to the strong commitment to a high level of safety that is demonstrated by their Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Experience Modification Factor of 0.66 (well below the industry average), as well as the full commitment and involvement of all Strider employees in their safety culture. When working with their clients they strive to provide a quality product, safely delivered via their innate safety culture and planning processes.. The employees are credited for their individual accountability and for visibly being involved in the company’s safety efforts. According to Strider’s Safety Manager, Holly Rainwater, “They are the leaders for a positive change. In a culture of safety, people are not merely encouraged to work toward change; they must take action when it is needed. This is what builds a strong safety culture here at Strider Construction. Everyone is involved.”
The John D. Spellman Safety Award winner for 2016 was T BAILEY, INC. Company-wide and consistent efforts involving all employees to create a robust and dynamic
safety program led to a 50% reduction in work injuries and a 60% reduction in field operations injuries in 2015. In 2016 workers again reduced the number of
injuries by 67% from the previous year. These impressive reductions, along with the total and inclusive employee involvement in such a successful safety program,
led to T BAILEY, INC. being chosen for the 2016 award.
The 2015 winner of the John D. Spellman Safety Award, Continental Mills, Inc. was chosen for the award for achieving an 87% reduction in injury incident rates in the past
eight years. Though starting with an incident rate that was already well below the national average, further decreases since 2014 moved them to a “Best in Class” ranking
in their industry. Continental Mills employed a company-wide strategy to improve their safety systems that included a goal of 100% employee involvement, use of internal
safety systems audits for continuing improvement, and establishing a “Risk Predictions” model and campaign for employee use.
Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc. – Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc., the 2014 winner, accomplished a great deal over the last two years including: hiring an HSE specialist;
implementing a safety & health management system; and holding quarterly safety inspections and internal audits to identify items needing corrective action. Along with following
through on those items, they worked to address ergonomic issues and ensured that more than 40% of employees received First Aid/CPR training in 2014. All of this effort resulted
in reducing recordable injuries in three different locations from 4 in 2012 to 0 in 2013 & 2014.
Premera Blue Cross – Premera was the recipient for 2013. The safety strategies taken by Premera included reduction of slips and falls by 37%. The investment made by management
and employees in the areas of establishing corrective solutions, building inspections, and in house ergonomic evaluations was invaluable. Premera puts the safety of their employees
first which is evident with the “new employee safety orientations” and procedures on how to report unsafe situations.
Walsh Construction – Walsh Construction Co.(WCC) received the 2012 award due to their ongoing work to create a safety culture within their company. This was accomplished
by building a strong relationship with employees and subcontractors.
Mowat Construction – Mowat Construction Company’s highly respected and dedicated team has been delivering quality projects safely and on time since 1964. Mowat’s
drive for safety starts at the top. With safety as a core value, Mowat has a mission of becoming the safest and most respected contractor in the West.
IMCO Construction – IMCO Construction was selected based on achieving zero time loss over the last 5 years, minimal recordables, and continually reducing their
Experience Mod Rate over the past 5 years; they achieved .04370 in 2010.
Toray Composites – Toray Composites America witnessed a significant reduction in incidents and injuries by refocusing its efforts on safety. In 2009 they emphasized employee
involvement in hazard identification, tracking, and completing corrective actions.
Seattle Housing Authority – In 2008, the Seattle Housing Authority implemented a new safety program and process which helped them realize a 15% reduction in
incidents and a 69% reduction in associated costs.

Genie Industries – Genie Industries, Inc. began supervisor training as well as large scale ergonomic improvements in 2007. By 2008 Genie realized a 33% reduction
in their lost time rate and a 35% reduction in their recordable case rate.
Nucor Steel – Nucor Steel Seattle implemented a new safety strategy by adding wellness to its safety program. Nucor opened an on-site clinic, redefined safety
roles, initiated a new management system, and set Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) certification as its goal. Nucor’s new safety regime was a tremendous success.
City of Redmond – The City of Redmond employs approx. 500 individuals. In 2006, on top of their normal safety training for each employee (Defensive Driving,
FA/CPR & Ergonomics) the city conducted an additional 20 safety related topics.

Diamond B Constructors Inc – Diamond B Constructors has achieved a zero lost-time injury rate for the last 6 years, which equates to 2 million man hours.
In 2006,they received the AGC Excellence in Safety & Claims Management Top 10 Award. They have also reduced their Workers Comp Experience Modification factor from 0.63
(held over the last 9 years) to .053 for 2006.

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