EverSafe Instructor Certification

EverSafe Driving Program® Instructor Certification

About Our Course

This two-day training session includes an explanation of the materials, a teaching demonstration, and a session about handling records and maintaining certification standards.

Class Location

The program is regularly offered in Kirkland, but can be delivered at other locations if there are sufficient registrations. An instructor class can also be held at your location
if you are certifying multiple instructors. The fee for these classes is based on group size and trainer expenses.

Elements of the Training

The course starts out discussing the attitude of the driver and how to ensure they keep a positive attitude while operating a motor vehicle. There is also focus on managing risks
while driving, such as scanning, getting the big picture, the protective bubble around your car, handling skids, emergencies and reading other drivers to help predict their actions.
Training sessions examine how the following five components interact to influence the success and safety of the driving experience:

  • Attitude
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • In case of emergency
  • Becoming a safer driver, training material requirements, and cost

Certified instructors are required to purchase a participant workbook for each person they train (one certification card is included with each participant workbook). Participant
workbooks start at $4.39 per book and are reduced on a sliding scale based on quantity ordered. Instructors who are members of the Evergreen Safety Council receive a discount on book

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