Forklift Certification

PIT Operator Training Course

Lift your career to new heights! We have partnered with Evergreen Goodwill of Marysville to offer our comprehensive, OSHA-compliant Forklift Certification Operator training program.
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Course overview:

  • Online prep course
  • Knowledge exam
  • In-person practical training session

You will earn

  • Certificate of Training

Topics covered in the online course:

  • The basics of PIT operation
  • Forklift features
  • Attachments, capacity, and stability 
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Common hazards
  • Best safety practices 

Topics covered in the practical session:

  • Get familiar with a real forklift
  • Practice what you learned online
  • Receive feedback and coaching

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Forklift course details

Our innovative Forklift Operator Training course is presented in a blended learning format, meaning it includes both online and in-person training elements.

First, you'll take a self-directed online course with seven modules and a knowledge exam.

You’ll learn the fundamental principles of safely operating a forklift. This will take approximately two hours to complete. 

Next, you will attend an in-person practical training session.

Here you’ll hop on a forklift to complete a series of training exercises while receiving coaching and feedback from our Certified Trainer.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Training.

Upon successful completion of the practical training, students will receive a Certificate of Training via email that can be printed out or stored digitally on a mobile device.

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Forklift Certification Course


Frequently Asked Questions

When is retraining required?

PIT operator certification is good for a three-year period, unless there is a change in workplace conditions or the vehicle to be operated. In these cases, the operator must be retrained and re-evaluated to ensure that they can safely operate. If it has been three years since their last certification, it is recommended that operators retake the formal (classroom or online) training, in addition to completing the practical evaluation.

What if the operator already has experience?

Operators may receive part of their training from an outside agency or company, such as Evergreen Safety Council’s Forklift Operator course. However, they will still need to be evaluated by their employer on the forklift they operate in their workplace, and employers must keep a record of that evaluation.

Who should undergo training?

Every person who operates a powered industrial truck. Each operator must have documentation of training and evaluation.

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