Washington Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator Certification | Classroom

Full Cert:

  • Length: One-Day 8 Hour
  • Location: Kirkland, Washington
  • Course Fee: $295

Recertifications are also issued through our 8-hour course.

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Get Certified with the Best

Evergreen Safety Council’s nationally-recognized Pilot/Escort Certification Program is the most current, comprehensive, and cutting-edge program in the country. Our team of industry experts and curriculum designers have created a program that is highly engaging and educational. Upon completion, you will have the know-how to be a safe and effective certified pilot/escort vehicle operator.

Decades of Experience

Evergreen Safety Council has been a leader in pilot car certification and training for over 20 years. Learn from our talented, knowledgeable instructors using easy to understand course materials and engaging activities, multimedia content and demonstration videos.

More Than Just Washington

Many other states recognize the Washington state pilot/escort vehicle operator certification. As a result, getting a Washington state certification allows you to operate as a pilot in several other states. For more information about which states recognize the Washington state certification, see our FAQ page.

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Course Details:

  • Length: One-Day 8 Hour Course
  • Location: Kirkland, Washington
  • Type: Instructor Led
  • Course Fee: $220

What’s Covered:

Our class covers the latest laws, regulations, and industry standards on:

  • State requirements for P/EVOs and their vehicles
  • Reading and understanding the laws and permits that govern Oversize Load transport
  • The importance of planning, including route surveys and pre-runs
  • How to pilot a load along different types of roads
  • Using a high pole to properly measure overhead obstructions
  • How to handle hazards and emergencies

Washington Pilot/Escort Reciprocity:

Getting a Washington Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator Certification allows you to operate in the following states: Washington, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Kansas, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

If you intend on escorting an Oversize Load in one or more of these states, a Washington P/EVO certification may be the right choice for you.

See our Pilot Car Reciprocity article for more detailed information. For a full list of states and certifications (current as of 2018), visit the USDOT’s page on this topic.

Certification Is Valid for Three Years

A certification exam is administered at the end of each class. Students who pass with an 80% or better will receive a Washington State certification that is valid for three years.

Need to Recertify?

Attend a recertification course and pass the exam with an 80% or better. Recertifications are also issued through our 8-hour course. See the class schedule for our current offerings.

Endorsed by Experts

Evergreen Safety Council is proud to be endorsed by the American Association of Safety Councils and Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association.

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Is training and certification required?

Yes, training and certification are required for Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators in both Washington and Colorado.

Is the Washington State certification valid in other states?

Yes. The Washington State P/EVO certification is valid in several other states.

See our Pilot Car Reciprocity Page for further details.

My certification is expired. Do I need to take the entire course again?

Yes. Recertification is only open to P/EVOs whose certifications are still valid. If your card is already expired, you must attend the full training again.

How to I order a replacement card?

You can easily order a replacement card by filling out this online form.

Replacement cards are $20

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