Wind Industry Transportation
Professional Advanced Certification

With a WITPAC certification, you’ll be able to take your career to the next level by becoming part of the cutting-edge wind industry. Designed for transport drivers, pilot car operators, steerpersons, and other related professionals, this course focuses on skills and safety practices specific to wind turbine transportation. 

WITPAC uses blended learning. Half of the training is a self-directed online course, and the other half is a traditional instructor-led class.

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What’s included:

  • Online modules and prep exam
  • 8-hour instructor-led session
  • Open-book knowledge test

You will earn:

  • WITPAC certification (prerequisites required) or
  • WITPAC proof of completion (not valid for transport operation)
  • Certifications are valid for 3 years


  • Class A CDL from any state (or Canadian equivalent) or 
  • P/EVO Certification (from select U.S. states only)


Before class, make sure you understand the requirements for WITPAC certification.

Prep course

You’ll start by taking the self-directed online modules, which familiarize you with the basics of the training.

Prep exam

You’ll need to pass the online prep exam before the day of your class. (Unlimited attempts allowed.)

Instructor-led session

Next, you will attend the full-day instructor-led session where you will review the material with an expert instructor and your classmates.

Knowledge exam

At the end of the instructor-led session, you will be given the multiple-choice, open-book knowledge exam.


Upon successful completion, you will receive either a WITPAC certification card or proof of completion, which is valid for 3 years.

Power up with WITPAC

WITPAC classes are offered in person and online. Choose the training that’s right for you!

What will I learn in the WITPAC course?

WITPAC covers the recommended industry standards for wind turbine transport operations. You’ll learn about: 

  • Best practices for teamwork and communication
  • How to use route surveys
  • Pre-and post-trip meetings
  • Front, high pole, and rear P/EVO duties
  • Steerperson duties

What are the requirements for earning WITPAC certification?

To earn a WITPAC certification, you must hold one of these:

  • A Class A CDL from any state (or Canadian equivalent), or
  • A valid P/EVO certification from Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, or Washington.

Can I still take WITPAC if I don’t have a CDL or P/EVO certification?

You can still take the course without one of these qualifications. You will earn a Proof of Completion rather than a WITPAC certification.

If you earn a P/EVO certification within 180 days of earning your WITPAC Proof of Completion, you may upgrade to a certification.

Will I receive a certification card?

WITPAC certifications are digital. You will receive an email with a PDF of your certification card or Proof of Completion, which you can save on a device (such as your mobile phone) or print.

How long do WITPAC certifications last?

Your certification or Proof of Completion is valid for three years from the date of training.

Earn your WITPAC prerequisite with one of our certification courses


P/EVO | Washington State certification | Live online and in-person courses

Our 8-hour live online course makes earning your Washington State pilot car certification simple and convenient. In-person classes are also available at select locations.

P/EVO | Colorado Certification

This 8-hour certification course is offered through Colorado Safety Association. Contact them for details at coloradosafety.org.

Power your team with WITPAC


What requirements do I have to meet to earn the WITPAC certification?

In order to receive a WITPAC certification card, you must complete the WITPAC training AND hold either a valid P/EVO certification (from WA, AZ, CO, FL, GA MN, NC, OK, UT, or VA) or a Class A CDL from any state (or Canadian equivalent).

If you do not hold one of these prior qualifications, you may still participate in this course. Instead of a certification card, you will receive a proof of completion.

Where will the WITPAC instructor-led classes be held?

The WITPAC instructor-led sessions will be held virtually on Zoom, as well as in person at select locations throughout the United States. A list of approved training providers and locations will be available soon. 

Our online training option allows us to expand our reach to provide WITPAC training in states where in-person training is not available. These entirely online sessions eliminate your commute and allow you to work in a comfortable at-home learning environment, all while retaining valuable face-to-face time with the instructor and providing opportunities for student collaboration.

How did WITPAC come to be?

The manufacturers understand that training is an important part of this transformation and have commissioned a new training curriculum and certification for transportation providers. Evergreen Safety Council has been identified as the organization with the capability and experience to develop and deploy this training.

Following a number of incidents involving the transportation of wind energy components, major manufacturers GE, Siemens-Gamesa, and Vestas decided to establish standard safety practices for carriers. They recognized the importance of not only establishing new expectations, but also the need to transform the culture of the wind component transportation industry.

What does the online WITPAC course include?

The online course has five modules:

  • Teamwork and communication
  • Route surveys
  • Pre- and post-trip meetings
  • Lead and high pole P/EVO duties
  • Rear P/EVO and steerman duties

The online course will be followed by a prep exam that will help you get ready for the written knowledge test that’s administered in the instructor-led class.

How long will the online WITPAC course take?

The time needed to complete the online course will vary from person to person, but you will want to budget several hours for it. We recommend starting the online course no less than a week before your instructor-led class day. The instructor-led course is 8 hours long, including exam time.

Where will WITPAC courses be offered?

Students can register for the course through either Evergreen Safety Council (fully online classes only) or through an Evergreen Safety Council authorized training provider.

The self-directed online portion of the course will be accessible through Evergreen Safety Council’s website.

The 8-hour instructor-led course will be held either through video conferencing software (if you register for a fully online course) or in person in certain locations.

What are the course policies?


Private training