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What documents must I submit for my Washington Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) certification?

What documents must I submit for my Washington Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) certification? 

To receive your Washington State Traffic Control Supervisor certification card, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A current state-approved flagger certification card. Accepted states are Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Verification of 2000 hours of work zone experience 

Verification of 2000 hours of work zone experience must be submitted as follows:

  • 2 signed letters (or 1 letter with 2 signatures)

Who can submit the letters? Letters may be submitted by anyone who can verify the knowledge and experience of the TCS candidate, including employers (past and/or present), subcontractors, DOT Inspectors, or other Traffic Control Supervisors.

What must the letter(s) include? TCS candidates may no longer have just flagging hours. The letter(s) must include a brief history and detailed description of at least TWO of the following:

  • Developing traffic control plans (TCPs) for roadway maintenance, construction, utility work, or special events
  • Reviewing TCPs for proper application and MUTCD compliance
  • Inspection of traffic control devices and TCP performance, and reporting or correcting deficiencies
  • Installing and removing traffic control devices in accordance with TCPs for lane closures on multi-lane roadways and other traffic control operations
  • Performing flagger duties

What format must the letter(s) be in? The letter(s) must:

  • be typed and on company letterhead. (If letterhead is not available, an attached company business card is acceptable).
  • provide contact information for the authors.

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