Now Offering Colorado Pilot Car Certification Training

Kirkland , Washington - December 18th, 2019

Evergreen Safety Council today unveiled a new pilot/escort vehicle operator (P/EVO) certification training program for the State of Colorado. This program, approved by the Colorado Department of Transportation teaches students how to perform work as a pilot/escort vehicle operator and upon successful completion gives them the certification necessary to operate in the state. Training classes will be held regularly beginning in January 2020 via live online training sessions.

ESC’s team of industry experts and curriculum designers have created a program that gives students the knowledge and skills they need to pilot safely and comply with state and federal standards. The instructor-led live online course utilizes expert instruction, video presentations, and interactive group activities that provide learners with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

As of now, 14 U.S. states require training for pilot car operators. In many states such as Colorado, you must be officially certified in order to work as a P/EVO. Certification ensures that you have been given the skills and knowledge necessary to comply with the law, guide an oversize load safely along its route, and deal effectively with any emergency situations.

Evergreen Safety Council has been a leader in pilot car operator training for over 20 years. If you would like to learn more about Evergreen Safety Council’s Pilot Car Program, please visit our Pilot Car Program Page.


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