Forklift Certification Program

Forklift certification ensures you have the skills and knowledge required to operate a forklift in your workplace. The first step is the successful completion of a forklift operation course. Offered online, in-person, and onsite, there is a forklift course for everyone!

Forklift Certification Courses Forklift Certification Courses

About our Forklift Program About our Forklift Program

The first step in forklift operation certification

There are three steps to forklift certification: Successful completion of a forklift training program, practical training on the forklift you’ll be operating, and a workplace evaluation. Evergreen Safety Council’s OSHA-compliant forklift training program, offered in-person or online, fulfills the requirements for the first step.

Completion of a forklift training class is not, in itself, sufficient to operate a forklift in the workplace. Certification is granted by your employer once you’ve completed your practical training and workplace evaluation.

Frequent Questions

Who should undergo training?

Every person who operates a powered industrial truck. Each operator must have documentation of training and evaluation.

When is retraining required?

PIT operator certification is good for a three-year period, unless there is a change in workplace conditions or the vehicle to be operated. In these cases, the operator must be retrained and re-evaluated to ensure that they can safely operate. If it has been three years since their last certification, it is recommended that operators retake the formal (classroom or online) training, in addition to completing the practical evaluation.

Do I need a practical examination alongside this training?

Yes. After completing this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completed classroom training. Print this certificate and show it to your employer. Your employer will give you a practical evaluation on the forklift you will be using in the workplace, and document your certification in their records.

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