Traffic Control Supervisor

Oregon Certification

A Traffic Control Supervisor, or TCS, helps supervise the setup and safe operation of traffic control measures in work zones. Build your career in this in-demand field with the 3-day Oregon Traffic Control Supervisor certification course. Need a recert? Attend our 1-day recertification class to renew.

Even if you don’t have the required work experience, you can still take the class and earn a Traffic Control Technician (TCT) certification.


What’s included:

  • 3-day certification class, or
  • 1-day recertification class
  • Certification exam

You will earn:

  • Oregon TCS or TCT card (valid for 3 years) 
  • *As of January 1, 2023, OR TCS cards are digital-only.
  • Oregon Flagger certification (valid for 3 years – earned in the full 3-day class only)


  • Verification of 2000 hours of work zone experience
  • For recert only: valid OR TCS or TCT card, and valid Flagger card from OR, WA, ID, or MT

Don’t just go through the motions. Become a certified TCS.

Traffic Control Supervisors are in high demand. If you have more than a year of full-time work zone experience, earning your TCS certification could help you maneuver towards a better career.

What will I learn in the OR TCS course?

This course will help you understand and apply federal and state highway construction and traffic control standards. You’ll receive a comprehensive training manual and supplemental reference materials to assist you in passing the open-book exam. When you complete the course, you’ll be ready to deal with the technical and practical issues that come up when supervising traffic control in various work zones.

What are the prerequisites for my OR TCS course?

Use the table below to find out which documents you need to submit for your course and certification type. Submit documents using our online form.
Fill out online form
Verification of 2000 hours of work zone experience
Valid Traffic Control Supervisor card
Valid Traffic Control Technician card
Valid flagger certification card from OR, WA, ID, or MT
OR Traffic Control Supervisor certification
OR Traffic Control Technician certification
OR Traffic Control Supervisor recertification
OR Traffic Control Technician recertification

What does “verification of 2000 hours of experience” mean?

TCS candidates must submit proof that they have the required number of hours of work zone experience. This verification documentation must be submitted in the form of 2 signed letters (or 1 letter with 2 signatures). Usually these letters are signed by your current or former supervisors.

How will I get my OR TCS or TCT card?

Once you pass the knowledge exam with an 80% or better and submit all required documentation, your card will be processed within 5 business days. 

As of January 1, 2023, OR TCS certifications are digital. You will receive an email with a PDF of your certification card, which you can save on a device (such as your mobile phone) or print.

OR TCS and TCT cards are valid for 3 years.

Ready to get in the zone with a TCS certification?

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What documents must I submit if I am recertifying my Oregon Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) or Traffic Control Technician (TCT) certification?

To receive your Oregon TCS or TCT certification card, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A current state-approved flagger certification card. Accepted states are Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.
  • A current TCS or TCT certification card.

To send us your documentation, please fill out this form

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What documents must I submit for my Oregon Traffic Control Technician (TCT) certification?

In order to receive your certification, please fill out this form prior to class to avoid processing delays. No document uploads are required for a Oregon TCT.

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What documents must I submit for an Oregon Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) certification?

To receive your Oregon Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) certification, you must submit verification of 2000 hours of work zone experience.

Documentation must be submitted in the form of 2 signed letters (or 1 letter with 2 signatures).

Who can submit the letter(s)? Letter(s) may be submitted by anyone who can verify the knowledge and experience of the TCS candidate, including employers (past and/or present), subcontractors, DOT Inspectors, or other Traffic Control Supervisors.

What must the letter(s) include? The letter(s) must include:

  • A brief history of the candidate’s work experience (see below for acceptable work zone experience)
  • Project(s) they have worked on
  • Approximate number of cumulative hours of work as a Flagger/work zone Worker

What format must the letter(s) be in? The letter(s) must:

  • be typed on company letterhead. (If letterhead is not available, an attached company business card is acceptable.)
  • provide the contact information for the authors.

The required 2000 hours of work zone experience may include work in the following areas:

  • Experience as a construction inspector, including inspection of traffic control
  • Traffic control work on a survey crew
  • Designing or reviewing traffic control plans
  • Other specific traffic control experience (set-up and take-down)
  • Flagging experience

To send us your documentation, please fill out this form.

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