Pilot Car certification

Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVOs) accompany Oversize Loads to help them and others stay safe on the road. Become part of a growing industry by getting certified as a pilot car operator in one of our online or in-person training classes.
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Pilot Car courses


P/EVO | Washington State certification | Live online and in-person courses

Our 8-hour live online course makes earning your Washington State pilot car certification simple and convenient. In-person classes are also available at select locations.
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WITPAC certification | Blended course

Take your career to the next level with WITPAC (Wind Industry Transportation Professional Advanced Certification). Our convenient and effective online course combines self-directed and live online training. In-person classes are also available at select locations.

P/EVO | Colorado Certification

This 8-hour certification course is offered through Colorado Safety Association. Contact them for details at coloradosafety.org.

On-site training

Have a whole crew to train? With on-site training, one of our experienced instructors will train your staff at your facility.


About our Pilot Car program

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What are the requirements to be a pilot car driver?

Fourteen U.S. states require training and certification for pilot car operators. The Washington State card is accepted in many of these. In order to earn this certification, you will need to be over 18, possess a valid driver license, attend our 8-hour training course, and pass the exam. Washington P/EVO cards are valid for 3 years.

Learn with the best

Offered both in the classroom and online, our 8-hour course covers the latest industry standards and best practices established at the state and federal levels.


What are the course policies?

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