Pilot Car Operator

Colorado Certification Online

This 8-hour certification course is offered through Colorado Safety Association. Contact them for details at coloradosafety.org.

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What’s included:

  • 8-hour instructor-led online class
  • Certification exam

You will earn:

  • Colorado Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator certification card (valid for 4 years)


  • Students must submit a signed application form and other required materials (including their driver’s license, driving record, proof of insurance, and a passport photo) in order to attend the training.

Convenient online training

Our online program has all the benefits of classroom training, without the cost and inconvenience of leaving your home or office.

Valid in multiple states

Find out which states recognize the Washington State Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator certification.

Decades of experience

For over 20 years, Evergreen Safety Council has been an industry leader in Pilot Car program development and training.

Engaging and fun

Learn from our talented, knowledgeable instructors using practical course materials and engaging activities and demonstration videos.

WITPAC prerequisite

Our WA P/EVO certification could be your first step toward a career in the wind transportation industry. Follow up by earning your WITPAC certification!

What will I learn in the Pilot Car course?

Our class covers the latest laws, regulations, and industry standards on:

  • State requirements for P/EVOs and their vehicles
  • Reading and understanding the laws and permits that govern Oversize Load transport
  • The importance of planning, including route surveys and pre-runs
  • How to pilot a load along different types of roads
  • Using a high pole to properly measure overhead obstructions
  • How to handle hazards and emergencies

How does the online class work?

Our online course is an 8-hour, instructor-led webinar followed by an online certification exam that is proctored via webcam. Students must have the proper computer equipment to attend the online training.

At the end of the course, you will earn your Colorado Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator certification card (valid for 4 years).

Where can I use my Washington P/EVO certification?

A Colorado Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator certification allows you to operate in the following states: Washington, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Kansas, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Learn more in our article on Pilot Car Reciprocity. 

Note that some states have specific requirements regarding your driver license, insurance, equipment, or other details. Check the rules in the states where you operate.

Need help logging into your online P/EVO course?

Class starts at 8AM PT (Pacific Time). Please use this chart to determine when class starts for you in various time zones.

Ready to earn your Colorado Pilot Car certification?

Evergreen Safety Council is proud to be endorsed by the American Association of Safety Councils and Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association.

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