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Traffic control supervisors oversee traffic control operations in temporary work zones. If you already have traffic control experience, our traffic control supervisor program will prepare you to take your career to the next level by becoming a traffic control supervisor.

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Evergreen Safety Council offers Traffic Control Supervisor courses to prepare traffic control technicians to become traffic control supervisors. The three-day certification course includes presentations, exercises, videos, and references to Federal and State highway construction and traffic control standards.

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Our Traffic Control Supervisor courses are offered for traffic control professionals who work in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Refer to the individual class pages to determine which state’s certification is right for you.

Frequent Questions

What is the difference between a TCS and TCT?

TCS stands for Traffic Control Supervisor.

The TCS ensures that the traffic control measures shown on the approved traffic control plans are properly implemented, operating, and documented on the project. The contractor’s TCS may not be required full time on a given project, but is required to perform all duties required by the specifications. The TCS is responsible to be on the project whenever traffic control labor is being utilized, or less frequently if authorized by the engineer.

TCT is a Traffic Control Technician.

The TCT is an apprentice position, indicating an individual who has not obtained enough hours and/or experience to be a TCS but has passed the Traffic Control Supervisors Course. The TCT can perform some of the duties of the TCS under the TCS’s supervision. (Note: The TCT is not a recognized certification in Washington; Idaho offers a separate course for a TCT.)

What states accept the TCS cards?

Washington only accepts a Washington State card at this time. Oregon only accepts an Oregon State card at this time.

Idaho will accept both Washington and Oregon TCS cards; however, the TCS is responsible for reviewing Idaho standards and laws.

How long is the certification valid for?

Washington and Idaho certifications are valid for four years. Oregon certification is valid for three years.

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