How to find a WITPAC Certification training provider

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Interested in getting a WITPAC certification? This guide includes information about how to find and enroll in a WITPAC training course. At this time, only Evergreen Safety Council, Pit Row Services, and Colorado Safety Association are authorized to provide WITPAC training.

To become WITPAC certified, follow these steps:

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Step 1: Choose an Authorized Training Provider (ATP) based on the instructor-led class availability that suits your needs. Contact ATPs and/or check their websites to view instructor-led class schedules. (ATPs listed below)

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Step 2: Register with the ATP for the instructor-led class of your choice based on location, date, and time. Once you have completed all steps in the registration process, the ATP will provide you with access to the self-directed online course.

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Step 3: Complete the self-directed online course and the prep exam at your own pace (must be completed prior to Step 4).

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Step 4: Attend the instructor-led session and pass the final knowledge exam.

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Step 5: The ATP will share the exam results with Evergreen Safety Council (ESC). ESC will issue your certification card, which is valid for three years. The record of your certification will be kept on file at ESC, and you will receive an automated reminder when it is time to recertify.

Select a WITPAC authorized training provider below to register.

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Evergreen Safety Council

Options: Live online delivery (Zoom) nationwide, or in-person classes in WA, OR, CA, ID, MT, TX, OK, and LA.

Primary Contact: Sophie Merwick, Operations Manager.
Call Sophie, Email Sophie

Current instructors: Rick Nault, Amanda Mason, Patricia Auvil

Note: Online classes will be posted on the class schedule calendar or can be custom/privately scheduled for groups.

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Pit Row Services

Options: In-person classes in multiple states including but not limited to AL, FL, TX, VA, OH, IL, KS, and MN.

Primary Contact: Casey Stacy.
Call Casey, Email Casey

Current instructors: Multiple.

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Colorado Safety Association

Options: In-person classes in CO, KS, WY, UT, NM, and AZ.

Primary Contact: Chris Baker, Program Manager. Email Chris

Current instructors: Tatiana Chapman, Mark Ashby

BDR Safety Consulting Logo

B.D.R. Safety Consulting Inc.

Options: Serving all Canadian provinces.

Current instructors: Daniel Boyer

Address: 42 Edenwood Place, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0E5

AMC Pilot Car Supply Logo

AMC Pilot Car

Options: Serving TX, OK, KS, AR.

Call AMC Pilot Car for more information.

Current instructors: Roxanne Carrol

Address: 6336 New Authon Road
Weatherford TX 76088

Registration opens September 27, 2021

All ATPs are working now to set up instructor-led classes, to begin in October 2021. Select an authorized training provider above to register.

Cost is $300 per student

SC&RA scholarships are available; contact Jackie Roskos, director, SC&R Foundation.

Additional notes for carriers

  1. Carriers should create a by-name list of all their Wind Industry personnel who need certification, including:
    • Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVOs), including rear steerpersons
    • OS/OW drivers and/or all drivers that use P/EVOs
    • The carrier’s key staff (safety managers, support personnel, etc.)
  2. Carriers should contact ATPs to set up instructor-led classes for 4th Quarter 2021.
    • Request locations and dates that are best for your personnel to attend (either in-person or online via Zoom).
    • Classes attended by drivers and P/EVOs who often work together will enhance the “teamwork” aspects of the training.


Evergreen Safety Council