Currently Offered Courses

Traffic Control

The safety of workers and the driving public in roadway construction zones is the focus of our traffic control safety programs. An effective training program for flaggers and traffic control supervisors goes a long way towards safeguarding people in construction work zones on our roadways.

The Evergreen Safety Council was the first to develop roadway safety programs in the Pacific Northwest. To this day we remain the largest provider of these training programs and classes. Our instructional material is top notch and our experienced instructors are the best you’ll find anywhere.

Vehicle Safety

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of workplace fatalities in the United States. Employers have the important responsibility of ensuring that their driving workers are properly trained. Evergreen Safety Council developed the Eversafe program to help teach employees how to drive safely both on and off the job. We also provide specialized training for Pilot Car and Escort Vehicle Operators who transport oversize/overweight loads.

Workplace Safety

The greatest asset of any business are their employees. Safe companies enjoy greater productivity and profitability as well as better employee retention and job satisfaction. Our workplace safety courses are designed to help employers and employees learn how to reduce the risk factors that lead to injury, reduce lost productivity and meet or exceed safety standards.