Video Credits For "Oversize Load Bridge Hits: A Dangerous and Costly Clash"


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News Stories:

News On 6 / KOTV: Truck Carrying Crane Hits Overpass On Highway 412 At 65th West Avenue
NewsChannel 5: I-40, I-65 Closed After Semi Hits Bridge
NewsChannel 5 Facebook Video
NewsChannel9 ABC: THP warns drivers with oversize loads to use caution after Moore Rd bridge hit
14News: UPDATE: Pigeon Creek Bridge on Highway 41 closed indefinitely
Tristatehomepage: Pigeon Creek Bridge closed indefinitely, INDOT says
WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7: Exclusive video shows semi hitting overpass, forcing I-96 freeway closure
Kxan: 12th St. bridge suffered no damage after getting hit by semi
WRCB Chattanooga: 3 INVESTIGATES: Driver reported falling ‘chunks of concrete’ three days before bridge collapse
KJRH-TV: Eastbound lanes closed on US-412 at 65th West Avenue after truck strikes overpass
TDOTnews: I-65N at I-40E Overpass Bridge Crash
WTOV9: One injured in bridge beam accident in Powhatan
CBS7: Lanes reopened following Midland bridge strike, truck drivers speak out

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Big Rig Videos: Demethanizer Tower Superload – Lone Star Transportation
Free Field Training: Emergency Lights 101
Volvo Trucks: Volvo Trucks – Running footage: A Volvo VNX 630 with oversized load in the Canadian wilderness

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