The truth about forklift certification

“Your Certification in One Hour!”
“Get a forklift License Today!!”
“Get forklift certified for free … today!”

Maybe you’ve seen offers like this and thought, “Well, that sounds to be to be true.” That’s because in this case, it is. The most blatant red flag is that forklift operators do not need a license, but a certification to be OSHA-Compliant.

Furthermore, while it’s true that many providers, including Evergreen Safety Council, offer online forklift training courses, completion of an OSHA-compliant training course is only the first step to becoming forklift-certified.

OSHA, which sets and enforces workplace safety standards, requires prospective forklift operators to complete a three-step process before they are allowed to use one in the workplace.

Step by step Breakdown:​

  • Step 1: Completion of an OSHA-certified forklift training course, such as Evergreen Safety Council’s Forklift Training course
  • Step 2: Practical, or “hands-on,” training at your place of employment. Some in-person forklift training classes include a hands-on session with a forklift to familiarize you with forklift operation, but this step must also be completed at your worksite on each piece of equipment you’ll be operating. Your workplace training will include a tour of your workplace or job site, where you’ll be made aware of safety protocol and potential hazards. You will also receive hands-on training on the specific vehicle you will be operating. This gives you the opportunity to practice necessary hands-on skills prior to your evaluation.
  • Step 3: Practical evaluation on the forklift you’ll be operating. Your trainer will evaluate your performance and certify you have the ability to operate the PIT properly and safely in your workplace.

You must complete all three of these steps to be considered “forklift certified.” Companies that allow uncertified users to operate forklifts are in violation of OSHA regulations, and risk being fined.

So, when an advertisement for “free” or “easy” forklift certification seems too good to be true, be sure to read the fine print. Online training courses can be affordable and informative, but they are only the first step toward becoming forklift certified.

One Step at a Time:

If you are interested in taking our online forklift operator training course, you can learn more about it below, and take the first step to becoming forklift certified. Our course provides the same quality training, conveniently online! It is affordable, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, and satisfies the OSHA “classroom” training requirement.

Where to go from here? (Coming soon)

Evergreen Safety Council has designed an instructor training kit that includes everything you, as an employer, need to effectively train, evaluate, and certify your Forklift Operators, once they have completed the Forklift Training Course. Click below to learn more about our Employer Forklift Instructor Kit, as well as forklift training course bundles for multiple operators.

*Note: Your PIT operator certification is good for a three-year period, unless there is a change in workplace conditions (including a change in job sites) or the vehicle to be operated. In these cases, you must be retrained and re-evaluated to ensure you can safely operate under these new conditions.

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