Commercial Vehicle driver safety training

Give your drivers a leg up on safety practices! Our training covers small- to medium-sized cargo trucks, dump trucks, and vans, passenger vans, and trailers. Topics include safe loading and unloading, backing up, trailer attachment and maneuvering, rollover prevention, tire inspection, and more.

Whether they’re used to carry passengers, equipment, or goods, commercial vehicles come with their own specific hazards. Make sure your drivers understand what to do to keep themselves, others, and their cargo safe throughout the workday.

Your drivers will learn about:

  • Driver readiness and proper PPE
  • Vehicle inspection, including tire inspection
  • Vehicle and trailer weight capacity
  • Loading a truck: safe lifting, cargo placement, securement
  • Loading passengers and luggage
  • Trailers: inspection, connecting a trailer, and loading a trailer, backing up with a trailer
  • Roof racks
  • Lift gates
  • Loading dock safety
  • Vehicle operation: avoiding rollovers, tipping radius, overhead clearance, undercarriage clearance, blind spots, following and stopping distance, safe parking and backing
  • Driver fatigue
  • Aggressive drivers
  • Exiting the vehicle safely

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