Eversafe Driving Program® Instructor Training

Certify your whole fleet's safe driving.

With our 2-day instructor training, you’ll be ready to deliver the classroom content whenever your employees need it.

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What’s included:

  • Instructor handbook, PowerPoint, and handouts
  • Student exams, answer sheets, and answer keys
  • Excel training record template
  • 5 access codes for the online self-directed version of the course

You will earn:

  • EverSafe Driving Program® instructor certification (valid for 3 years)

Training that fits your team

By becoming an EverSafe Driving Program® instructor, you’ll be able to help your team prevent incidents. You’ll also be able to respond quickly to any violations with refresher training that is engaging and effective.

What will I learn in the instructor class?

Our 2-day class will teach you how to effectively prepare and deliver the course content, administer the exam, and create an engaging learning experience for your employees. You’ll get a chance to practice teaching and receive feedback from our master trainer.

How much does instructor training cost?

The 2-day instructor training is $550, plus an annual licensing fee. Contact our training specialist for details.

Can I teach the program online?

The course may be delivered to your employees via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, provided that your employees have the necessary equipment to participate.

Can I incorporate this training into my employee onboarding or annual training?

Yes, you are welcome to incorporate the program into your other training modules.

Certify your whole fleet's safe driving today!


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