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Flagger Course Policies & Fine Print

Cancellation or rescheduling: Please email us as soon as possible if you need to cancel.  Refunds are available for any cancellation request made by email more than 7 days in advance.  A $25 administrative fee will be withheld from any refund for cancellation.  We’re sorry but no-shows or any cancellation made in fewer than seven (7) days cannot be refunded.

If You Have Questions: Let us know if you have any questions prior to your class.  You can reach us at 425-814-3868.  You can also email us at safetyandhealth@esc.org.

WITPAC Course Policies & Fine Print

Cancellation or rescheduling: If you need to cancel or reschedule your class, please contact our customer service team at witpac@esc.org a minimum of 5 business days prior to your scheduled class date. There is no charge to reschedule to a different date. If you must cancel, a $50 administrative fee will be applied.

Late arrival or no-show: Students should login to Zoom for class a minimum of 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. If you have not logged into your Zoom class session by the scheduled start time, you will be considered a “no-show” and will not be admitted into the class. No refunds will be given for late arrivals or no-shows. You will have to register and pay for a different instructor-led session.

Required technology: To participate in a live online instructor-led session, you MUST be able to login to Zoom from a computer or laptop with a working webcam, speakers, and microphone.  A tablet is not recommended and you may not participate in this class from a cell phone. Students who attempt to join the class without an appropriate device will not be admitted and will have to reschedule their instructor-led session (fees may apply).

Retests: Students who complete the instructor-led session but do not achieve a passing score on the final exam are eligible for one complimentary retest. The retest must be successfully passed within 30 days of the original class date. Students who do not pass their retest exam or attempt it within 30 days will have to register for and attend the entire instructor-led session again.

What requirements do I have to meet to earn the WITPAC certification?

In order to receive a WITPAC certification card, you must complete the WITPAC training AND hold either a valid P/EVO certification from one of the states listed below, or a Class A CDL from any state.

If you do not hold one of these prior qualifications, you may still participate in this course. Instead of a certification card, you will receive a proof of completion.

Where will the WITPAC instructor-led classes be held?

The WITPAC instructor-led sessions will be held virtually on Zoom, as well as in person at select locations throughout the United States. A list of approved training providers and locations will be available soon. 

Our online training option allows us to expand our reach to provide WITPAC training in states where in-person training is not available. These entirely online sessions eliminate your commute and allow you to work in a comfortable at-home learning environment, all while retaining valuable face-to-face time with the instructor and providing opportunities for student collaboration.

How did WITPAC come to be?

The manufacturers understand that training is an important part of this transformation and have commissioned a new training curriculum and certification for transportation providers. Evergreen Safety Council has been identified as the organization with the capability and experience to develop and deploy this training.

Following a number of incidents involving the transportation of wind energy components, major manufacturers GE, Siemens-Gamesa, and Vestas decided to establish standard safety practices for carriers. They recognized the importance of not only establishing new expectations, but also the need to transform the culture of the wind component transportation industry.

I lost my WITPAC Card, how do I order a replacement?

You can request your Witpac card to be resent to you with this form here.

What does the online WITPAC course include?

The online course has five modules:

  • Teamwork and communication
  • Route surveys
  • Pre- and post-trip meetings
  • Lead and high pole P/EVO duties
  • Rear P/EVO and steerman duties

The online course will be followed by a prep exam that will help you get ready for the written knowledge test that’s administered in the instructor-led class.

How long will the online WITPAC course take?

The time needed to complete the online course will vary from person to person, but you will want to budget several hours for it. We recommend starting the online course no less than a week before your instructor-led class day. The instructor-led course is 8 hours long, including exam time.

Where will WITPAC courses be offered?

Students can register for the course through either Evergreen Safety Council (fully online classes only) or through an Evergreen Safety Council authorized training provider.

The self-directed online portion of the course will be accessible through Evergreen Safety Council’s website.

The 8-hour instructor-led course will be held either through video conferencing software (if you register for a fully online course) or in person in certain locations.

What is your Covid-19 Policy?

We are taking necessary precautions to protect our students and staff by following county, state and federal COVID-19 transmission prevention requirements. To read more about our protective measures, visit our Covid-19 update page. You can also receive updates on the situation by subscribing to our mailing list.

How long do I have to complete the EverSafe Driving Program online course?

You can take as long as you need to complete the course materials and pass the exam. You can take it whenever is most convenient, and you have unlimited tries to pass the final exam.

How long is your online course?

Some training courses can take days or weeks. With our online course, operators can become certified in as little as one hour. On average, it takes around four hours.

What are the digital document requirements for the online Colorado Pilot Car course?

1. Driver’s License (front and back):
Students must provide a digital color copy of the front and back of their current driver’s license.

2. Motor Vehicle Record:
A current (within the last 30 days) Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) in the state of current residence, for the immediate previous five year period.

3. Proof of Commercial Insurance (certificates or endorsements):
Current certificate(s) of insurance or endorsement(s) which indicates that the operator, or the operator’s employer, has in full force and effect insurance coverage(s) for bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of the operation of the escort vehicle, the escort vehicle operator, or both causing the bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of an act or omission by the Pilot Escort Vehicle operator of the escort duties required by the Rules of the State of Colorado.

4. A Passport Photo:
Students must provide a digital passport photo.
No selfies – face the camera directly
No Glasses
No Head Wear (unless for religious reasons)
Plain White background
Size – 2×2 inches (500×500 pixels at 300dpi)

Where do I begin?

Click enroll now to begin. Create an account to purchase your desired course. Launch the course, read all study materials, take the test and receive certification.

Do I need a practical examination alongside this training?

Yes. After completing this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completed classroom training. Print this certificate and show it to your employer. Your employer will give you a practical evaluation on the forklift you will be using in the workplace, and document your certification in their records.

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